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Svensson seminar, Oslo 12th June: "Shrinking space - democracy and trade unions"

Updated: May 27, 2019

Organizer: Svenssonstiftelsen

Kulturhuset, Youngsgt 6, Oslo 1200-1400. Free and open for all.


  • Loredana Carta, International Trade Union Confederation (responsible for ITUC Global Rights Index)

  • France Castro, ACT Philippines, Arthur Svensson award winner 2019

  • Eric Lee, LabourStart, Arthur Svensson award winner 2016

  • Hans Christian Gabrielsen, LO

​Moderator: Liv Tørres, Nobel Peace Center

The ITUC Global Rights Index documents restrictions on free speech and protests and increasingly violent attacks on the defenders of workers’ rights. Decent work and democratic rights have grown weaker in almost all countries, while inequality continued to grow.

Which labour rights are most important for democracy? Which are most under pressure from your perspective? And what can we do to defend our space? How can we start building stronger organising campaigns and get more focus back on the core labour standards that are key to all our other struggles? What role can an award like the Arthur Svensson Prize have?

Main speaker, Loredana Carta will present highlights from the brand new ITUC 2019 Global Rights Index which will be published just after the seminar. (2018 index here)


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