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Program 2024 award ceremony
12th June19:00 at Rockefeller Music Hall

  • Song by Sang Cin Thang

  • Traditional Bagan dance by Dara Naing

  • Speech by prize committee leader, Frode Alfheim

  • Greeting by Shirley Pryce, IDWF, last year's prize winner

  • Speech by prize winner Khaing Zar Aung

  • Greeting by Tonje Brenna, Minister of Labour and Social Inclusion

  • Greeting by Luc Triangle, general secretary of International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)

  • Videos

  • Mini concert by Gatas Parlament


  • Host: Espen Løken

Frode Alfheim
IDWF Shirley Pryce.jpg
Luc Triangle.jfif
Gatas parlament.png
Tonje Brenna.jfif
Watch the prize ceremony:
Espen Løken
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