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Nominations are open

The nominations for the Arthur Svensson international prize for 2019 are now open.

Irakli Petriashvili (ITUC) receives the 2018 award on behalf of the independent trade union movement of Kazakhstan

Since 2010 the Svensson prize has been awarded to persons and organizations that has worked predominately to promote trade union rights and organizing around the world. Among the previous winners we find the teachers union in Bahrain, the Miners union in Mexico, textile workers in Cambodia and many more.

Last year the prize was awarded to the independent labour union movement of Kazakhstan. They have been persecuted, harassed and even jailed for their efforts to organize working people and provide decent labour conditions. With your help the international labour movement was able to put direct global attention to their situation.

The nomination deadline is January 1st 2019, but we encourage to start the nomination process as soon as possible. The nominees will be judged on at what extent the person or organization has promoted union rights and/or union organization in the world.

All employees and elected officials at all levels of both Norwegian and international unions (Affiliated with International Trade Union Congress or to the Global Unions) are welcome to propose candidates. As well are the past recipients of the prize and board members of organizations that have received the prize in the past.

International solidarity for us means building up and strengthening working people and their organizations.

Without strong unions the crisis of unfair wealth distribution and social unrest can never be solved in a way that truly benefits working people. In this spirit we continue to award the Arthur Svensson award to working class heroes every year.

To propose candidates, please fill out this form or send a mail to For information on requirements for nominations please read this.


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