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Following the request of the Prosecutor General's office dated 10th June, 2022 to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus to "terminate the activities of a number of trade union organizations engaged in “destructive activities”, the constituent affiliates of the BKDP had been notified that the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus initiated a civil case on the suit of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus against them for termination of their activity. The Belarusian Free trade union reports that there had been more arrests of union members. Please take part in LabourStart on-line solidarity campaign on Belarus

By Lizaveta Merliak, International secretary of the Belarusian Independent trade union

As part of the preparation of the case for trial, an interrogation is scheduled for June, 28 for the Belarusian Free trade union, SPB; and June 29 for the Belarusian Free trade union of metalworkers, SPM and for the Belarusian Independent trade union, BNP in the premises of the Supreme Court.

With these notifications the three trade unions had received enclosed copies of the statements of claims. Having compared these documents we find that they are similar with only differences in names of activists and union leaders ever found guilty of violating administrative and criminal codes of the Republic of Belarus since August, 2020.

The acting chairperson of BKDP Maksim Pazniakou in his interview to BKDP Website tells how imprisonment was for him; and expresses hope that it will be still possible to "preserve the independent union".

The Belarusian Free trade union reports that there had been arrests of union members: employees of the Belarusian State University Dzmitry Marozau (assistant professor of criminal law department) and (presumably) Yuri Karaliou, candidate of economic sciences were detained. A "penitential" video with their participation appeared on pro-governmental channels. All in all just in two days there were 4 arrests there.

Belarusian Independent trade union at Belaruskali - the only remaining acting union structure, reports of lay-offs and - what is a new phenomenon - a growing number of employees who want to resign and are refused; so they stop coming to work, thereby violating work discipline, and after that they are fired under penalty clause. The union links such turnover with the absence of work at Belaruskali - one of the biggest global suppliers of potash under sanctions.

Not all the news is bad. Here is a good news about political prisoners:

Recently, 4 comrades of ours, namely, Aliaksandr Yarashuk, Yana Malash, Iryna But-Gusaim and Siarhei Antusevich were allowed to have short meetings with their family members.

LabourStart on-line solidarity campaign on Belarus

Dear brothers and sister, we would like to draw your attention towards a LabourStart on-line solidarity campaign on Belarus:

It started on 24th of April, and by now it has been translated into 21 languages. It has about 10 thousand supporters. We encourage you to use the chance to spread the word about unjust imprisonment of union activists and leaders in Belarus. We are not a couple of thousands, we are millions. Let's show it. Spread the campaign using your links to rank and file members.



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