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Wanted: Working women of the world

The message is clear from the Arthur Svensson prize committee: Let us get to know your female candidates.

October 26th the Arthur Svensson prize committee gathered to discuss the future of the award. The nominations are open for the 2019 award and the committee expressed great anticipations concerning the nominees that will submitted during the next months.

The committee expressed great pride with the multitude of candidates that have been considered during the last years and chairman Frode Alfheim stressed the pride and responsibility of the committee. In the meeting he stated that

It is a privilege to work closely with working class heroes from all over the world. We are thankful that the international trade union community keeps sending us your best candidates. However, we have a responsibility to show the world the full strength of the labour movement. We are proud of every nominee and every laureate, but urge the international movement to make an extra effort in putting forward female candidates.

During the meeting several members of the committee spoke up for a need to make an extra effort in nominating female candidates. Alfheim agrees that this perspective needs to be stressed.

The union is a movement for all workers. All the less we have a long way to go to fully represent the entire work force. We need more female leaders, more attention to women’s issues and we need to better acknowledge the contributions made by women in both the workplace and the unions. We hope all of our partners will make an extra effort to recognize and nominate female working class heroes for the award this year, Alfheim stated.

In 2019 the Arthur Svensson international prize for trade union rights will celebrate its tenth anniversary. We look forward to all nominations and to keep celebrate working class heroes for decades to come.


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