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The foundation

The purpose of the foundation is to promote the value of trade union organising and respect of trade union rights, and to run projects with the goal of strengthening union organising, fellowship and solidarity work both nationally and globally.

The board

The board of the Svensson foundation consists of persons affiliated to, and with knowledge of, working life, business and Norwegian and international trade union movement. 

Torbjørn Teigland (styreleder)

Torbjørn Teigland er leder for saksbehandlingsenheten i IndustriEnergi og  er tidligere nestleder i NOPEF.

Amalie Hilde Tofte

Amalie Hilde Tofte is international advisor in the union Industri Energi. 


Andreas Christiansen Halse

Andreas is former manager of the Svensson foundation. Today he is worker as a political advisor in IMDi

Eddie Ingebrigtsen

Eddie is national secretary of NTL, a trade union with some 50,000 members, many of whom are employed in the state sector.


Hege Espe

Hege is national secretary in Fellesforbundet, a trade union organising more than 147 000 workers in construction, industry, farming, hotels, restaurants and graphical sector.


Cay Nordhaug

Cay is chief shop steward at Glencore Nikkelverk AS. He is also member of the national board of Industri Energi.

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